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Gravel Removal in the Northwest Territories

Family-owned and operated LJ's Septic Services & Contracting Ltd takes pride in being among the 5 businesses in the area that bid actively for a limited number of government contracts. A vast majority of our work comprises contract work with the Government of the Northwest Territories, including:

  • Equipment rental

  • Gravel removal

  • Road surfacing

  • Highway expansion



At LJ's Septic Services & Contracting Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of dependable services in the Northwest Territories. Along with effectively upgrading and maintaining the 141 km. stretch of the Dempster Highway on a regular basis, we also offer equipment rental and a variety of other services such as:

  • Airport operations and maintenance

  • Ground transportation services

  • Highway construction

  • Gravel hauling

  • Sewage pumping and disposal

  • And more

Tools of the Trade
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